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Debbie Rye  -  Energy Healer
Specialising in Dowsing and
Healing Geopathic Stress
Herbs and Supplements

I can supply a range of supplements by Nature’s Sunshine Products.


These herbs, vitamins and minerals are highly tested to pharmaceutical standards.  Please contact me for products and costs.


Aloe Vera Juice (946 ml)

EverFlex Tablets (60)

Fenugreek & Fennel Combination (100)  

Fenugreek & Fennel Extract (59 ml)

Healthy Starter Pack +

Healthy Starter Programme

Liquid Chlorophyll (473ml)

Liver Health Formula (100)

LOCLO (344g)

Mega-Chel (120)  

Nutri-Calm (90)  

Omega 3-6-9 (60)

Paw Paw (180)

Pea Protein Plus (465g)

Proactazyme (100)

Promega Daily Plus

Promega Daily Support

Silver Shield (118ml)

Silver Shield Gel (85g)

Solstic Energy (30)

Solstic Slim (30)

Super Omega-3 EPA (60)

Super Supplemental Vits & Mins (120)

TNT (532g)

Vitamin C 1000mg Timed Release (60)

Vitamin D3

Zambroza (458ml)