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If you are fed up with ill health let me help you take your life back into your own hands.

I distant dowse using a pendulum and charts to determine whether a person is suffering from negative earth energies (Geopathic and electromagnetic stress), which are at the route cause of many health problems.

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I can dowse your house and energies free of charge and advise on distant healing to correct any negativity.

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Registered Practitioner with the British Society of Dowsers

I work with Angels and Archangels in my healing work.  I began on a spiritual path whilst searching for the causes of my own health and sleep problems.  My full story is documented in my book below.

You can read all about my journey and healing work in my book .

“I Am Wings Of Freedom”

Our planet is full of natural and man-made energies. Ley Lines cross the planet and give positive energies unless they are blocked or broken and then their effect can be disturbing if you live on them. The main problem to health is caused by Geopathic Stress rays. These are always detrimental to human health causing our hertz vibrations to rise, leading to a lowered immune system in time.

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