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Just a few extracts from clients I have helped in the past.

Wow, just to let you know massive shift, boat sold, studio is totally shifted, filled with crystals and I love being there now.  The One Show was actually outside my studio filming all day yesterday and I thought this was a real positive sign. Thank you so much.”

S.C.R.H. London.


“Thank you very much for clearing me and my house.  It has made a tremendous difference to me.  I see things differently, feel much more like myself.  I have energy and joy that has been a long time gone.  It is powerful stuff you do and I am very grateful.  Also the ‘miserable old man’ within me has gone!

B.J. Ipswich  


“I didn’t think that house clearing would work or even heard of it. But because of my circumstances I was willing to give it a try. I was sceptical and thought why not. When Debbie did the work I noticed a difference. And over time felt it. Thanks Debbie for the work you did.”

C.M. Yorkshire


“Whenever I email Debbie to ask if she can check that everything is clear... I know the instant she starts working on me... It’s as though light flows back onto my life all the bad suddenly stops playing nasty games with my life and my soul is free again... And I feel that before Debbie tells me she has worked on me.

I can’t recommend Debbie enough.”

P.R. Christchurch


“A very belated thank you for all your work. Has been amazing – there is a huge difference and calmness in the house most magnified by the children. I too have far less pain in my hip and back. I think what you do is truly amazing. Thank you.”

O.M. Berkshire


“Sorry I have not been in touch to tell you how amazing I have felt at home after your work. The atmosphere in the house is much happier, comfortable and relaxed. Thank you!”

D.R. London


“When I first moved into my flat in Hamburg, I had a lot of trouble sleeping. I would always wake in the middle of the night and be unable to get back to sleep. This was affecting my health and well-being. I tried smudging, space clearing, moving the furniture and even sleep remedies but nothing made any difference. That is when I hear about Debbie’s work.

She found a lot of negative energy flowing through my flat and under the bed, earthbound trapped souls, and a broken ley line running through the kitchen. I had a week’s holiday back in London while Debbie worked on the flat. When I got back to Hamburg, I was a little apprehensive and concerned that things may not have changed. However, as soon as I walked through the door, I noticed that the atmosphere was lighter and it felt very calm in there. Since then, my flat has felt welcoming and homely. There is no longer an uneasy feeling there and the best thing is that I am sleeping deeply and soundly every night.

I am amazed at the difference Debbie has made to my living space and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needed help of this kind.”

…….from Mark, West Germany.


“Thanks so much for your work on our property – we feel better already, especially my daughter Emma (23) – she in particular was suffering from disturbed sleep and felt very weak and unwell a few weeks ago for no apparent reason.”

…….from George, Soham.


“Many thanks, you’ve helped make our working day much less draining! Please let me know how the healing continues! I’m very excited about the change. Best wishes.”

…….from Kathryn, Binfield.


“Thank you for your letter confirming the healing is finished on our house. I thought you might be interested in my diary entry for the preceding weekend, not knowing at what stage you had got to.

“Suddenly the house is lifting, and with it out spirits. Must be work of Debbie.

Both of us felt so very relaxed and happy here – great talk of the future, feeling of

Lightness around us.”

I don’t think I need to say any more!! I am also sleeping much, much better – I had been waking about 3.30 am every morning for ages with my head full of all sorts of negative thoughts and worries. What is now extraordinary is that for the last 2 weeks or so I haven’t woken up once and am at last beginning to feel more refreshed and full of energy again in the mornings. My creativity re: gardening/house organisation is beginning to surface again – I can’t wait to get outside now. I enclose a donation which I hope will cover your wonderful work. With many thanks,

…….from Alison, Woodbridge.


“Thank you very much for all what you do for me. I am so happy that all things are now good and I hope to continue like this. Thank you.”

……..from Zainb al, Amman, Jordan.


“I am most grateful for all your efforts. When I went into Regency House, I was really astounded at the difference especially in the Accounts and Admin. Offices. Both rooms have just felt dingy but it was as though someone had turned on a 100w light bulb in both rooms. The place definitely feels much more positive. Very difficult to put into words on an email but I am sure you will understand. Debbie I am so grateful I personally feel much more positive.”

……….from Tracey  Pudsey, Yorks.


“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the healing that you have done on my house. I sensed last Friday that something had changed because I was feeling more at ease and settled in the house. I have also been gripped by a need to move things like furniture, ornaments, and the like around in the house! I also appreciate the healing that you have done on me, on an emotional level I have also felt a lot happier and I am getting my confidence back. I just wanted you to know how much your kindness, understanding and all the time and energy you have spent on healing my home and me are very much appreciated.”

………from Deborah , Soham.


“Thanks for all your help, dowsed this morning at the office and found it clear!

Would really appreciate it if you could work your wonders on our house and I have attached a floor plan as requested. I will of course put another donation in the post.”

…….from Jeff & Lyn , Nottingham.


“Thank you so much for your wonderful work, what an amazing person you are. I wish I could give you more, you are worth every penny I can offer you and I give it to you with my deepest love and gratitude.”

…….from Tasha, London.


“Thank you for your recent work on healing the earth energies. I am so glad Sara put me in touch with you and feel very appreciative of your work and gifts for both me and my family.”

…….from Lizanne, Bath.


“Thank you so much for the work you have done for us on the house. Both my husband and I are most impressed, we feel such a difference. We are both sleeping so well and the house just feels relaxing.”

…….from Carole, Isleham.


“Many thanks again for all your work – I will be forever in your debt!”

…….from Chris, Huntingdon.


“Thank you so much for the work you have been doing on us and our home. Chris has been sleeping like a log for weeks now and is much calmer. Many thanks for your wonderful work.”

…….from Anna, Bury St. Edmunds.

Thank you very much Debbie for helping me, my family and especially my 9-year old autistic son! My prayers have been heard! Already the house healing had made positive changes for his sleeping patterns, but the SRT changed our life for the best! Before Debbie's work, my son was not able to trust me and kept thinking and acting as if I am in truth mean and don't love him, even after explicit acts of kindness, without talking about the common boundaries you need to put in place for a child, to which he could react with self-harm. After SRT, he is now free to see his parents' love and feel it, enjoy it and reciprocate it. I cannot be more grateful to the Lord for this! Thanks Debbie for having being an intercessor for such a grace! I am also very thankful for the amazing amount of spiritual knowledge Debbie shared with me through her book, answering my questions by email, and giving me positive advice for my son on a phone call. It's a gift to the world to have you Debbie!


D.A. London

Just wanted to say thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart - your work has been life changing for me. I feel much less anxious now and am able to focus on the work that I couldn't really do before. Also it feels like work
and life are finally coming together - in a way that had never quite happened before. My energy is great and life
ls good. I think it's all your doing - and of course the divine.




I meant to write and Thankyou for all you did Aug 2014 ... Private Hospital/my house .... things got better on the day
you started the healing ... There was a big meeting in the hospital which cleared the air.

Eventually I got another job and I met a lovely man. The energy in both places felt better straight away.
hankyou so much .. it was amazing.