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Debbie Rye  -  Energy Healer
Specialising in Dowsing and
Healing Geopathic Stress
Are you suffering from Geopathic Stress ?

Is your House or Work Place Killing You ?


Does your house or work place suffer from so called 'Sick Building Syndrome'?


If you would like to find out if you, your family and your house or your work place are affected by Geopathic Stress and or Electromagnetic Stress, all you have to do is Email me with all the names of the people in your household along with your house name, or number, and street, or in the case of your work place, the address and position you work in.


I will then be able to dowse you and give you a stress reading. (-5 to +5 anything above +2 being good). This service is free.


If you would like me to heal the GS I can do this distantly and ask for payment by donation. Please email me for further details.


If you would like a personal body systems analysis, including efficiency of your body organs, allergies and intolerances, together with recommended supplements to correct the imbalances if required, please send a lock of hair plus a cheque for £25 for each person to be analysed. Hair samples should be labelled with name, address and date of birth. Please include details of medication, supplements, brief medical history including any operations, and current health concerns.


Cheques should be made payable to ‘D. Rye’ with name, address and card details on reverse.




Please send to April Cottage,

100 Silver Street



CB25 0EF


Tel. 01638 742022