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Debbie Rye  -  Energy Healer
Specialising in Dowsing and
Healing Geopathic Stress
Sick Building Syndrome
Healing Sick Houses & Buildings

Many stressful jobs are mainly caused by stressful workplaces. For a long time the problem of Sick Building Syndrome has puzzled scientists and worried managers all over the world. It is now found most stressful workplaces are Geopathic Stressed and/or Electromagnetically Stressed, which can cause the following symptoms:


Headaches, tension between staff, lethargy, respiratory infections, dry skin and throat, eye symptoms, loss of concentration, depression, stress and fatigue - ultimately this can cause a high rate of absenteeism.


Peoples houses also can make them sick if they have negative energy running under them. This negative energy is often referred to as Geopathic Stress rays.


I can offer a holistic approach to this problem, in the first instance. If you think you may have Geopathic Stress then you can send me the address and I will dowse for GPS, EMS, Geopsychic Stress and the Vitality. I measure the stresses on a scale from -5 to +5, anything greater than +2 being good. I measure the vitality as a percentage, a good level being at least 75%. I can then do distant healing to clear all negativity. I do one healing session on a property a day and within 7 - 10 days all negativity should be healed.



I do not make any charge for an initial dowsing. Any healing is offered on a donation basis. It is entirely up to the individual what donation is made, although there has to be some exchange of money to appreciate the time and effort I put in. If you find level of donation difficult then please ask me for guidelines.




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